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    Syncing Issues..
    I am new to this forum and need help!!!! I believe this is a common problem, but my mac book pro won't sync my iphone 4. It is fully charged and i have restarted the macbook after updating software and still no joy. I am fairly IT illiterate by the way so any help would be appreciated!!!

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    Note: Moved to appropriate forum. Please read the descriptions of the forums prior to posting. Along with keeping a tidy forum, Posting your questions in the proper place helps others find your thread.

    In order to get an appropriate answer, you need to provide what MBP you have, what version of OS X along with the version of iTunes you have.

    (If you are still using Tiger, OS X 10.4, you are not going to sync an iPhone 4 to that machine without upgrading the OS to start with.)
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    well you're in the right place, sort of. you put this in the 'Apple Rumors and Reports' forum. People that read this are looking for news stories and links, not 'i need help' questions.
    This thread will be moved soon by a moderator. You should have posted in the 'APple Laptops' or the 'Switcher Hangout'

    As for your possible 'common problem' of not syncing, there isn't a lot anybody on here can do other than saying to make sure its all plugged in.
    UNLESS you provide us with your MacBook's, iTunes, and iPhones information.
    Start by looking in the upper left of your MacBook's screen, click the apple.. then about this mac... then more info... then type the general information thats there.. example
    13 inch, mid 2009
    Processor 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3
    Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (11A511)

    That info should be enough on the macbook side, then figure out what edition of iTunes you have. Open iTunes, click the word iTunes on the top left and hit about iTunes and then you'll see something like 9.1 or 10.4 for my self.

    Then your iPhone.. go to the settings app.. and then find the general tab.. and then the about tab.. Find your version on that list, it will be something like 4.3.X.. mine is 4.3.4 for instance.

    And then, describe the issue more in depth, have you owned this Mac for years and this is your status quo? Has it just started recently? Did it sync you iPhone up until a certain action (you bought Lion, you downloaded an update for iTunes or your iPhone).

    Once you do those things, somebody that knows a lot more than i do will be able to help hopefully. Like i said, all we can say as of right now is 'Are the chords plugged in the right holes, and all the way in said hole.'

    good luck

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    Thank you! i feel that will keep me busy for a little while!

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