I've had my latest Iphone 3gs for over 2 years and have ran into some issues of late (it turns of within 2-3 minutes if used and not being plugged in). Anyways a friend was nice enough to give me his old Iphone 3gs & I have a few questions about backing up onto the new phone. Any help is MUCH appreciated...

1) First off he left his old sim card in the phone, do I need to switch those out? & if so when do I do it? Before or after I try and back up onto the new phone

2) His software is pretty out of date and I need to update before it lets me back up. It says I need to set it up as a new phone but I'm afraid it will overwrite the back up from my original phone. Will I be okay to set the new phone up as a new phone without loosing ANY of my previous data??

3) After I've backed up/changed sim cards etc. Do I need to do anything to activate the new phone? Like call at&t, apple, etc.

Again thanks for your help