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    Apple ID email problems when updating apps
    There is/was 2 users on my iTunes, ex-husband's & mine. I had to get a replacement iPhone today as my old one died. I've transferred all my apps from iTunes to my new iPhone, but when attempting to 'update' the apps via the App Store app, it always asks to confirm the password (as usual) but the email that comes up is not mine, it's ex-husbands!

    I have signed him out completely in iTunes, and signed me in, and re-synced the iPhone... but the App Store app is still asking for his password, using his email.

    I don't know what to dooooooo!

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    Do you still have apps or music or videos backed up to your computer that were purchased under his ID? It sounds like iTunes is trying to sync those with your iPhone and that's why it needs his password. In the dialog box that comes up, is there an arrow (upside down triangle) that you can click on to show you what apps or music or videos that it is trying to sync?
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    Yeah the apps it wants to update are all mine. They *may* have been on his too, but are mine... And they're in my iTunes when I log in.

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