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    iPhone 3G Safari OS lockout
    This is actually what looks like a software problem, not hardware or accessories but being new on here, there seems to be no other place!

    Have had my phone for two years now and never had this bizarre problem.

    Clicked on the Safari icon to look at some car rental deals and started to fill in the windows on a specific site. Before I was able to finish, I got this strange error message that seems to be in a perpetual loop and all I can now do is emails, no surfing.

    jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting......

    Well, no doubt about it! It IS an infinite loop because I'm completely locked out! The only option I have is to click OK.......which brings me back to the same msg! There appears to be no fix on screen. I've tried several of the general settings but nothing works. Even switching on/off the phone does not clear it.

    Basically, I am completely locked out of Safari, so no surfing, only email capability. I cannot even chnage the URL or google anything. The error msg is self-repeating and no matter what you do on screen, it remains there.

    Any bright ideas how to get out of this glitch?



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    Problem solved!

    Did some general browsing on my laptop relating to Safari browser lock outs on iPhones and tried one of the tips - Completely shut off the phone, including using the slider to power off, wait about 10 seconds, then power back on. Did the trick and now theat pesky error msg is gone and I canuse my browser again.

    Looks like the system got overloaded somehow (although I was neither multi-tasking nor running apps in the background).

    So, just posting this in case anyone else runs into a simliar problem.

    As with most electronic devices, it seems, if in doubt, REBOOT!! Same with my HDTV auto-tuning TV channels by itself...........but that's another story.

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    That sounds more like a website behaving badly issue rather than Safari itself..but glad you sorted it out..
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