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    Very Odd iPhone 4 Behavior Can You Help?
    I have an I phone 4 and used to sync via a Windows PC. The syncing worked fine. But one day I fired up my phone and clicked on an icon, not sure which it was and the screen then reverted to the way the phone is when you first get it. The standard programs and icons etc.

    I chalked it up to a Windows PC thing. (Even though the phone was not hooked up. I was conducting normal phone activity when this happened.)

    So I decided to switch to a Mac. Yeaaaaa. I did this about 2 months ago with a MacBook Pro. Everything has been going great guns, love the computer and the iPhone syncs with the MBP just fine.

    I upgraded to Lion last night on the MBP with no problems. I tested all software that I have on the computer, even synced and backed up both iPhones last night. Not a problem everything worked as it should.

    So this morning I'm heading into another office at work and I clicked on one of the folders to get to something on the phone and blip the phone lost all it's data etc. and reverted back to what appears to be a new phone set up. All apps are gone except those that come with the phone. Here we go again.

    2 Questions. Any idea why this is happening (I blamed it on Windows but obviously I can't do that now since I am all Mac/Apple.) And more importantly how do I restore a backup to my IPhone? If I sync the phone it will just wipe the backed up data. I think I said that right. I'm not sure how/where I do a restore from a backup?


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    This might answer both wuestions, if not defo the second one.

    When you got your MBP and synced and backep up the iphones it would recognise your phone on itunes as your iphone Ie. Blah Blah's Iphone. hook your iphone up and click on your phone, restore the phone by clicking the restore button on itunes, after it goes through a few motions it will ask if you want to restore from a new phone or from Blah Blah's iphone back-up, choose the latter. this should restore your phone to the way it was when you backed it up after getting lion. also it may fix the problem your having in the process, if it doesnt take the phone to apple and if your still under warranty they should replace it or fix it.

    Hope this helps, let me know if it does/doesnt.

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