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    iPhone4 Screen and Water Damage
    Heres a bit of background;

    My iphone4 has had a cracked screen for months now and I haven't done much about it. Recently a friend of mine ended up putting his iPhone4 into the washing machine; needless to say, it died and he got a new one. He still has the old phone laying around.

    What I am curious about is whether or not the wash cycle could have left his screen and digitizer unscathed? If I take apart my phone and utilized those components, is there a chance it will be even more broken than it was previously.

    Any and all advice or help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    It would definitely be a long shot that the screen and digitizer were not damaged by the wash machine. Especially if the machine was using hot water at the time. If he's willing to give you the phone, you can always take it apart and inspect it and judge for yourself whether or not it would be worth the effort.

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    Upon further inspection his screen does appear to have two spots which seem as though they have suffered from water damage. They are slightly discolored and round. He did dry the phone out in a bag of rice for several days after the incident. Aside from dismantling both phones and testing out the screen and digitizer in my own phone, is there anyway to do this without taking apart my phone. I fear my cracked screen will fall to pieces and if his screen fails me, I will be forced to wait out a delivery period without a phOne. Or just but one o dem fancy new 3GS :p

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    Also what would look for in order to determine whether or not the screen and digitizer are damaged beyond repair.

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    I once read on yahoo, that if you drop the phone in water, that you should leave it in a bag of rice overnight. Do not turn the phone on right away.
    They said the rice should help suck the water out of the phone.
    Good Luck

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