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    Unhappy iphone- deleting all content
    So, I found this iphone and i wanted to delete everything and reset it to the basic apps and setting it comes with when you purchase it. So I chose that option in the phone and i did this yesterday at 330pm, and it has been on the screen with the apple logo and the loading circle for more than 24 hrs, is something wrong?

    ps. when i started the process of deleting, my phone ran out of battery so i had to wait to get home and plug it back in and it continued, but for some reason it is not charging while its been plugged in for more than 12 hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by di3go View Post
    So, I found this iphone and
    So you found this phone? Where did you find it?
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    Odd to find a phone and make no effort to find its owner.

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    Hopefully the owner has Find My Phone.

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    yea i tried looking for this person that lost it but everything is already disabled! it says "no sim" and there is just alot of memory stored... i found it in vegas, and it seems like the person had already cancelled it since before i found it

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    You should return it to the place where you found it (or the nearest authorities to the place where you found it). What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

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