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    Jul 04, 2011
    Cydia not working, don't have SSH installed
    I have a jailbroken phone with Cydia installed. When I go to Cydia it shows loading data & then just closes.

    Solutions I have tried already:

    1. I found a lot of links about how to solve this problem but all of them talk about either doing a SSH or using iBrowser to delete some Cydia files. I don't have SSH installed & now I can't install it as Cydia is not working.

    2. I downloaded iPhoneBrowser but it doesn't show all the files on my iPhone as afc2 service is not installed on my phone (which I can do only if Cydia works).

    3. I have also tried to jailbreak again using BlackRa1n, the jailbreak works fine but the BlackRa1n icon doesn't appear on the phone which would have allowed me to reinstall Cydia. Can anybody please suggest something.


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    Jul 04, 2011
    Wasted few days on this as there was no solution posted, finally found something that worked for me...Posting that
    1. go to safari on you iphone/ipodtouch
    2.go to
    3.side to download
    4. wait and it reinstall cydia and it works
    it work fine no problem guys

    You will get a warning, if your phone is already jailbroken, don't worry about it & go ahead.
    "There is also a warning that jailbreaking an already jailbroken device might cause problems"


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