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    How do I...make this 30sec mp3 become a ringtone??
    Hey guys,

    I found this song I really like, and downloaded it from the web for free. It's already 30seconds. The problem I'm having may be beginner, but I'm lost. I can't figure out how to make this clip become recognized as a ringtone on my iphone. Of course, I could always put the clip in itunes, sync my phone and it will show up in my ipod section of my phone for playing pleasure, but I don't want that. I want it as a ringtone. I originally thought it was as simple and logical as placing the tune in the "ringtones" folder on my macbook under iphone media, but there is no such thing. I'm lost

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    There's an awesome free app I've always used called RingtoneMaker (only works with 3GS or 4 though b/c the app works on iOS 4.0 and up.) It allows you to make a ringtone of any song already on your phone. The drawback is you will have to sync back to iTunes to transfer it into your ringtones list. The best part though is that you can start and end at any point in the song and also determine the length up to 30 seconds. It's the best thing I've found yet and works great!

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    There are tons of free websites that allow you to upload a song and then it converts it to a ringtone for u. You will just download the ringtone then sync with iTunes once converted. One nice thing about this is that once uploaded and converted it stays on the website so others can download the ringtone u have created.
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    If you have a Mac, you can use Garageband. I'm sure there are other dedicated apps specifically for that, but I've always used Garageband because I was also trimming the song to a 30 second length. Anyways, once done in GB click on Share in the top menu and choose "Send Ringtone to iTunes". Then sync your iPhone. That's the only way I know how.
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    There are so many ways out there and several have already been pointed out. Garageband works really well and I've used it in the past, but I now prefer to use an app I got called Ringtones. Just like the above poster though you do have to sync on this app as well but thats really not that big of a deal. I find it even easier to use than Garageband and it flawless.

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    Go to iTunes->Preferences, import settings and choose AAC Encoder for Import Using. Now add your MP3 file to iTunes, click on the file and Advanced->Create AAC version, now locate that newly created file in Finder and make a copy of the newly created .m4a file. Change the extension of the newly created file from .m4a to .m4r and import it into iTunes as a ringtone..
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