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    Reinstall the entire firmware on the iPhone?
    My sister dropped her iPhone 3Gs in the toilet the other day.
    After letting it dry out for a while we turned it on and it was fine.
    But as soon as you press any apps on the screen even the basic pre-installed ones it just loads 1% of them, just enough for you to see that the app opens and then freezes and restarts itself after some time.
    I decided to back it up, reset it, set it up as a new phone, updating it to the latest firmware (previously 4.3.1, updated to 4.3.3) and restore it to factory settings.

    Seemingly nothing has worked since after I restored it to factory settings (with out errors) it comes up with that screen where its the USB cable going to the apple sign and all you can do is emergency call.

    Now the way I fix my phone when that happens is by re-jailbreaking it but I havenīt tried that on this phone because I highly doubt that will work.

    After some trying around I managed to get past the USB to PC screen and have now gotten to the menu yet again.
    No personal apps are installed anymore and still it continues to fail to launch anything.
    The reason why I donīt think it has really reset to factory settings is because my sister set it to really low brightness just before her phone fell down the toilet because the battery was running low.
    And now when I start it, even after all the above mentioned it continues to be hardly visible.
    Now I am not entirely sure if that is because the settings havenīt been restored or because the backlight is damaged.

    Help would really be appreciated!
    Thank you a lot!

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    Does no one know a solution to this?

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    I think your sister started her own thread on this -- or else there's been an incredible epidemic of 3GS iPhones dropped in toilets of late -- so look there:

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    Jun 18, 2011
    No thats just another random person with the same problem!

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