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    Iphone 4 restore error code 1611??
    i have read a few articals about this error code, and i understand it is a hardware problem, i have also read a couple of things about uninstalling my security for my computer, as it could be blocking my phone from restoring, is this correct? If so, i am using virgin media security, would i need to uninstall that, then try restoring my iphone again, then re-installing my virgin media security? or would it be something to do with my windows security? Please help!

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    Not exactly sure what you have but running multiple security suites on a PC will usually cause conflicts most that I know and myself have removed all AV software and
    installed Microsoft Security Essentials it plays well with software and hardware without
    slowing the computer down not to mention has found things that paid for AV missed.
    Have you read this.

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