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    May 05, 2011
    Suggest me good case, iP4
    Guys suggest me a good case for my iPhone 4. I am from India, only following brands are available

    power support

    so suggest me a good one within 10-20$. how is switcheasy trim ??

    or I can order from focalprice or dealextreme.

    and also if I drop my phone, do these protectors cover my iPhone ?? Say some height of 1 meter.


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    Go with the Otterbox defender. I drop mine from 1 meter every day and it is still fine and so is the case. The most that I have dropped my phone in the Otterbox was from about 8 feet onto concrete and it dented the Otterbox but the phone is fine with no cracks or scratches.

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    May 05, 2011
    Thank you for replying

    Sadly its not available here :-/

    So whats good between Switcheasy Trim and Rebel ?

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    Dec 05, 2009
    Order a Griffin Survivor.

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    May 05, 2011
    Read OP, not available in India

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