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    Question Iphone 4 question!!! Help please!!!
    Hi, i have just bought a second hand iPhone 4 . All the apps were left on and there are some good ones i would like to keep! My question is ... will i lose all the apps when i hook the iPhone up to my computer and if so is there any way around this??? Thanks for the help i am new to iPhone's

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    Those apps are tied to whatever Apple ID that was used to purchase them. You will have to set up the phone in iTunes for it to be recognized for installing music, etc. When you do that, you'll be using your own Apple ID and you will lose whatever apps are on there. They are only available to whoever purchased them. If you want them, you'll have to purchase them.
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    If you sync it to your library, you'll loose all of the music, video and apps on the phone. There's no straightforward/legit way to keep the apps mate.

    You can download Tuneaid (it's not free though) for your mac or PC and use that to extract the music (and video too I think), then import the extracted files into your iTunes.

    As far as the apps, I think you'll just have to loose them.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, just wondered if there was anyway around losing the apps but unfortunately it seems not :/ thanks again for the help Greg.

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    Well, yes, there's a way to avoid losing the apps -- write down which ones you want, then purchase them.

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