Hey there my fellow iDevice users, so here's the story.

I changed my iphone 3g Ios to ios 4 and obviously was slow and didnt respond well, so i downgraded to ios3.1.2, and i tried to jailbreak it with blackrain through my mac book pro. It was jailbroken but froze at the lock screen completely, and if it doesnt freeze, it stays on the apple boot screen forever or i get hit with the infamous "white screen of death" i've restored it like 40 times, on both mac and windows, and then jailbroken it interchangeably between the two. DOES NOT WORK. I did the hard reset and everything, still didnt help. I restored it from DFU mode not Recovery. Still doesnt work. Please help? Everytime i jailbreak it. It just gets stuck on the lock screen. Completely frozen