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    I am looking to get my first iPhone. I am with Verizon and my contract is up so now would be the best time, if I stay with Verizon to use the $50 New Every Two credit I would get. I am not good, despite all the research I have done, understanding some of the differences between iPhone with ATT or the iPhone with Verizon.

    I am pretty sure that the iPhone does not use 4G yet, but Verizon has most of Salt Lake City covered with 4G. Is this a big deal to wait until an iPhone comes out that will use 4G or not?

    I am not the smartest person when it comes to understanding techie stuff so I thought I would see if anybody here has some personal experiences or any information they want to share with me that might help me decide what to do.

    Some people are trying to get me to get the Droid X2 I think it is, but rely I do not remember the exact name of the android phone.

    thanks in advance for any suggestions, personal experiences, or things for me to think about before I make the purchase.

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    If you're already a Verizon customer, it's probably best to stick with Verizon in order to get the best contract deal. However, if possible I would wait through the Summer at least to see if Apple announces a new iPhone (iPhone 5) which would have new features.

    You can continue your service with Verizon in the meantime on a month to month basis until a new iPhone is announced. Of course that's up to you.

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