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    Jun 05, 2011
    Light leak in ear speaker (Verizon Iphone4)
    Hi i noticed when i use my phone in the dark i have a small dim white light shining into my ear speaker on my iphone4. Its on the right side of the speaker. Is that something to worry about?

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    Jun 06, 2011
    to be honest i don't have a verizon ip4 so i'm not sure... maybe if anyone would care to chime in who has a verizon ip4 would care to let us know if this is a known thing? as far as i know the at&t version does not have any light leak issues.

    maybe you can go check out one at the store and if it doesnt exist with the shown floor model i would just return it.

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    All I can say is I have the 4 for Verizon and do not have that issue.
    Update: a quick google search showed a result from nearly every tech forum, so this must be an issue.

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