I have a jailbroken iphone iphone 2.2 and want to upgrade it, while maintaining my iphone unlocked (and if possibly jailbroken). After doing some research on the net, I donít know exactly how to proceed and hope that some people in the forum will be able to help me.

1. Many people suggest using iPod, iPhone and iPad Firmware Download
and others suggest using PwnageTool. Do both of them serve the same purpose? If not, what are the differences?

2. Downloading felixbruns seems much easier than using pwnage tool. But if use felixbruns to upgrade my iphone, will my iphone remain unlocked? And jailbroken?

3. Which version of iphone should I upgrade to? When I plug in my iphone to my mac, itunes suggests upgrading to 3.1.3, but I saw many web articles that suggest not upgrading to 3.1.3. because I wonít be able to unlock it? Should I then upgrade to 3.1.2

4. If I need to use pwnage and upgrade to 3.1.3, where can I find a pwange tool that will enable me to do so?

I appreciate any help anyone could give me on these questions.

Thanks so much,