Hi guys. Brand new to both the world of imac and this forum.

Bought a lovely new, shiny imac a couple of days and loving it.

I have used the search function on the site to try to rectify my problem and whilst there is a similar thread, it does not contain a solution.

As stated above I purchased a new 21.5" i mac with i5 processor running Mac OS X 10.6.7.

I was previously using iTunes on a notebook running Windows 7 starter, which my iPhone, iPod and iPod nano were all synced to.

I transferred my library across using the iPod (classic 80gb) as an HDD.

My iPhone has 4.3.3 running on it. Before syncing it to the mac it had a ringtone I had created using the PC notebook. This was 7 seconds long and worked just fine and showed up.

After syncing the iPhone to my mac everything transferred seamlessly, apart from the ringtone.

It shows on iTunes. It shows up in the ringtones sections of my iPhone when synced. I have followed all the advice on the similar thread to this one on this site, and all the trouble shooting tips it suggests.


I was wondering if it was something to do with the fact that the iPhone was previously synced with a PC?

(By the by, I have also tried to re-make the ringtone to no effect.)

Sorry for a rather laborious first post and look forward to visiting this site for years to come.