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    Will jail breaking fix hardware issue?
    I have a 3gs and whenever I run an app for more than 10 seconds my phone shuts off. It will restart and work for a few minutes and cut off again. Then it tells me the battery is dead. I plug it in and the battery is 95% full.

    I tried restoring it as a brand new phone but the problem is still there. Apple said it might be a hardware issue and since I am out of warranty there is nothing they can do about it.

    So, if I jailbreak my phone do you think that will fix the hardware issue?

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    No, jailbreaking the phone will allow you to add features/tweaks/applications that Apple doesn't support through its normal channels, but it won't overcome or fix any hardware issues..

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    go to the service center and get it done before you jailbreak"
    bhaag bhaag DK BOSE

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