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trouserpants 05-21-2011 03:33 PM

iPhone 4 with OS 10.4????

I've had a macbook for about 4-5 years, and haven't been keeping up with the OS upgrades, apparently. It has been working perfectly, so I didn't really think it was necessary.

I just got an iPhone 4, and when I tried hooking it up to my computer it told me I needed to install the latest version of iTunes. I downloaded the installer, and then it told me the software wouldn't work with my OS.

I went to the Apple store and they told me I needed to buy the whole Snow Leopard Pack for $129 since I was still running Tiger.

My computer has been running fine with Tiger, and I don't use a ton of different software. I mostly just use it for web surfing, watching movies, playing music, and recording through Audacity. I'm not sure I would notice an upgrade running the new OS.

I don't need to sync my iPhone to my iTunes library, I just want to put some of my existing songs on to it. Is there any way to do this without shelling out the cash for Snow Leopard?


Tommyg80 05-22-2011 09:05 AM

I would get the 39 dollar ( I believe thats what it cost) disk at best buy if they still have them.
Altough, I'm not sure if it would work since your on 10.4. It should though.

You could also look in the WTB section too see if you can find a full retail disk used. It will/would def be cheaper.

cwa107 05-22-2011 09:43 AM

In the US, the Snow Leopard upgrade is $29 (from Leopard). If you're upgrading from Tiger, Apple recommends The Mac Box Set, which runs about $120 from Amazon. The Mac Box Set is a good idea for Tiger users because it gets your iLife Suite and iWork completely up-to-date. It's actually not a bad deal at all - and since it's officially sanctioned by Apple, it should also be supported.

You probably also want to upgrade the RAM (max it out to 2GB if you can) and do a completely clean install. When you're done, your machine will pretty much feel brand new.

The upgrade is well worth the money over Tiger, which looks pretty stripped down when I go back to it by comparison. But don't wait... 10.7 will be out soon, and chances are that it will be full price (10.6 was only $30 as it was more or less a performance enhancement over 10.5, with few new features).

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