Hello Everyone,

Great to be part of this wonderful forum and greetings to everyone on this forum.

I have been using my iphone 2g for three years now and for the past one year it has been giving me touch response problems. These problems came after I replaced the original battery after it almost died out. Figuring out that something might be wrong with the new battery, I took the phone to the technician and asked him to put back the original iphone battery. But the touch problem was still there so I thought the battery was not the problem.

I give my iphone for service here in India (not from Apple) and I am not so sure they have done a correct job in assembling it.

When I type, the phone misses the first letter of every word and I have to go back everytime and correct it. As frustrating as it appears, I have looked all over the web for nearly a year now and have not found a conclusive answer. I have restored it several times and tried every other software technique but in vain.

Also, the phone types well when it is in full charge and its touch response deteriorates as the remaining battery falls.

Personally, I feel it might be something to do with how the phone was assembled after the new battery was put. If so, what could I do to correct this problem and what might the problem areas be? I am ready to open it up personally as the technician is not willing to open it up again.

Sorry for this long winded question but I love this phone and I have been upgrading it from version 1.0.2. I sure hope someone might answer me.