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    New Otterbox has issues with my white iPhone 4
    So I had my new great iPhone 4 today, and I noticed that when I make calls and put the phone up to my ear, the touch screen doesn't go away. After talking to friends and google, I understand now that the light/something/sensor is in a different location? Idk why, or where it is, but i know that it doesn't mesh with a 50$ iPhone 4 case.

    Verizon iPhone 4 Case, AT&T iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 4 Defender Series //

    Says that NONE of the Otterbox brand products work with the white iphone 4, I am keeping the phone and willing to reutrn the case to best buy, but i was hoping for recommendations on another good case.

    I have broke by dropping 2 iPhones in my life, and I do not want it to happen to this one.

    Any recommendations for other protective cases? Or am I doomed to disappointment after leaving an Otterbox?


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    White iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix
    My wife had the same issue with her white iPhone 4. When she would put the phone up to her ear to talk, her cheek would press things on the screen because it never went dark. All I did to fix this was to remove the otter box hard case from the phone and using my pocket knife, I cut out the top clear pastic covering that is over the proximity sensor on the case itself. I put the phone back in the case and it works perfectly now. Hope this solves your issue!


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