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    Exclamation The iPhone 5-Stop worrying and obsessing over rubbish rumours-let Apple do the work!
    Hi. *Warning*, I am not a troll. I've been 'Apple loyal & obsessed' for about 5 years now! I am giving my personal opinion, accompanied with months and months worth of continuous research and understanding. Please leave now if you have an issue with this.

    I'm from Western Australia. My short term goal that i have been planning with a friend since November 2010, was to get the upcoming iPhone 5. We find the idea of queuing up for eight hours before a midnight launch at the apple store to be very exciting and exhilarating, so we're going to do it! We're going to bring our Macbook Pros, food and drinks and maybe even some magazines to keep us entertained during the long wait. But, this is irrelevant to the point of this post.

    I, am fed up. Well, my friend and i are. Absolutely sick and tired of the iPhone 5 rumor mill. The continuous rubbish rumors that have been released EVER since the iPhone 4 came out, as these rumors continue to change and transform every single day, and not ONE of these rumors have actually been confirmed by Apple. From the release date going from December 2010, to May 2011, to July 2011, to September 2011, to November 21st 2011, and even early 2012! It's such a joke. I laugh at the people who decide to write this, i honestly do not know how they source their information. And not to mention the continuous specs features that continue being said, from the paper thin body to the 12 megapixel camera. Lol.

    The current rumors from the past week is that there is little chance of it coming out this summer (even though that's bull for several reasons). Others are saying that there will not be 4G, or NFC, and to skip this iPhone 5 as it will only be a minor improvement, and to get the iPhone 6 instead. Oh, and now their have been 'leaked' images of the 5, oh how genuine it is! Of a 'divorced' camera and flash. Blah, blah, blah.. blah. I find this whole situation more humorous then informative.

    When are people going to realize and understand that none of these rumors are true, and that all their doing is wasting their time and having all this inaccurate and false information affect their view of the iPhone 5? NOTHING is official until Apple announces it, and i find it rather sad that so many people have spent a year posting iPhone 5 information that is not true nor official, and usually inaccurate. No, again, I'm not hating Apple, their rather amazing and always reliable, despite the small iPhone 4 issues previously. And i highly doubt any of these discouraging rumors are indeed true.

    So, to conclude, stop wasting your time reading false information, and let Apple do the hard work. There is no point worrying over it. At the end of the day, there's nothing that can be done to alter Apple's production of the iPhone 5. Whether it be good, or bad, but hopefully good in this fierce smart phone competition, we should just wait, and see, and stop obsessing so much about these pathetic rumors. I suggest waiting for the WWDC (three weeks away) until you make any other smart phone purchases (such as the HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S ll etc.)

    Thank you for reading! Any other opinions, comments, suggestions, additions etc. you'd like to contribute; go ahead

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    My first suggestion is that if the Apple rumor mill bothers you that much, you might want to give up ever wanting Apple products because it just comes with the territory.

    But in all seriousness, you're dealing with a company whose products are in high demand and who is very secretive. All of that is a recipe to fuel the rumor mill, and to be quite honest, I'm sure Apple probably loves it. You can't get better marketing than that.

    As for the fans? They love the rumors too. It gives them something to think, talk, and dream about. No reason to get so upset over them. It's not like talking about or sharing the rumors is making Apple develop the iPhone 5 any slower.

    I guess ultimately I'm just completely confused why it bothers you so much? You have the power to ignore them.
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