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    Here is a fix for garbled calls on Iphone
    Hey Folks,

    I am so excited about this fix, that I wanted to share it - maybe it will spare someone the hassle I went through!

    I bought an Iphone 4 in Dec 2010. I'm on the Bell network in Calgary, Canada. Since buying the phone, I have had tons of problems where I can hear the other person fine, but I am garbled on their end for short periods (to the point where this occurred on 90% of all calls - regardless of location in my city - even got so bad I'd Skype people locally instead of calling them). Then after a few seconds of being garbled, it would be fine again.

    Obviously, this has been incredibly frustrating! Long story short though, I am on my 3rd Iphone and 2nd Sim Card. Have chatted to Mac support and Genius Bar about 3 times. Until last week they were stumped. I figured it was either the known antenna issue with the Iphone 4 or the Bell Network.

    Good news though! In my last chat with Mac, the guy suggested maybe it was corrupt software (so not hardware at all). We did a full factory restore - then, instead of the usual of backing up my new phone from my iphone backup on my computer, I restored the info via syncing my music via Itunes, my Contacts, etc. That way if software was corrupt, I wasn't simply importing that to the new phone.

    I am super happy to say that 10 days later, and about 50 calls later, 0 problems at all - so it appears to be fixed. When I was troubleshooting this, I Googled the issue, and found no mention of software related issue - so, thought I'd post this. Hope it helps someone else!

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    i have noticed this too. I may have to do this as well!

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