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    Apr 18, 2011
    Angry Hi, please give me some advice as to what is wrong with my Iphone 3gs?
    Ok, I don't know if this is the right section, I'm sorry if its not,

    After I restored to 4.3.2, (I had to download the official apple firmware and do shift+restore, because If I let itunes do a custom restore the network times out. Anyway, I restored it, it went fine, told me it had successfully done restored, and was going to reboot. Problem was, it just went to a black screen. Itunes says it is in "recovery mode" except, no matter what buttons I push the home and on/off, individually, or simultaneously for whatever amount of time it doesn't get the apple icon on the screen or even the itunes usb picture saying "connect to itunes"
    It makes the usb noise when I plug in and out, but thats it.
    Whats going on? Why is it on a black screen? I hope its not ruined.
    I Used tinyumbrella, and iREB to put it in DFU, because it didn't restore any other way. Its not like I'm downgrading, I'm trying to get the latest for my Iphone, but now it won't turn on!

    Is it bricked or something? Or stuck in DFU? Tinyumbrella won't kick it out for me >:/ thankyou guys, and sorry if this is a stupid question

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    disconnect the battery connector and put it back again!!!
    hello everyone!!! i had the same problem with my iphone 3gs. it was on 4.2.1 BB 06.15.00 and i had it tethered jailbroken, and as you know it was just a pain in the .... as you have to reboot again and again every single time it goes off!!!

    i decided to do a restore on it ,to be on 4.3.2 but i decided to go for a custom restore using snowbreeze custom 4.3.2 firmware....every thing was going fine and it restored it but on the reboot it got stuck on black blank screen......

    i thought it was just a recovery loop because it was getting detected on itunes in recovery mode quite easily which is normal.....

    i used all the exit recovery options on it like IREB, TINY UMBRELLA,FIXRECOVERY, RECBOOT ...but nothing worked.........and it was quite frustrating, it was really doing my headin.
    I searched all around the forums and no real solution was coming up....

    everytime in itunes i do a restore it gave me errors 1601,3194 (host),1015....and still a blank screen

    i almost gave up, but to give it a last go i asked my brother who is a repair specialist to check the screen on it if it is working... and to pull out the battery...... the screen was actully fine but the diconnecting of the battery and putting back actually worked as a magic for me.....when i put it back together again and connected to the itunes....
    Now this time i didn't go for the custom restore.....i unintalled itunes completely, intalled it again.. to do a clean restore through apple.
    which would take it to 4.3.3 and to my relief it lived up with the apple logo.....
    hhhhhooooffffffffffffff!!!! that was a big relief...
    But it did not do a complete gave me error 1015. and went to itunes recovery mode sign.
    i run IREB to kick it out of the 1015 recovery loop.
    but it was same.
    i thought i might just Hacktivate it using redsnow.......

    I used Redsnow RC15 with genuine apple 4.3.3 firmware.....with new bootROM
    checked only install cydia......and let it do its work....

    It did not worked complete but it does install activation bundles on when you run it.
    It went again to itunes recovey mode sign...

    Now this time what is the tricky part...... the clean restored firmware is already on it.
    I did not go for restore again but i used Tinyumbrella, exit recovery option.....
    and it did not let me down.....
    I phone rebooted fine and went to the itunes simcard activation......
    i double checked by switching it off and on again.... it was magic.

    I wrote all this with every single detail because i know how painfull it was to figure it out......

    so guys!!! diconnect the battery and put it back again. And use tiny umbrella in the end should be good to go!!!!
    let me know if it helps anyone..


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