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    Hi All,

    I am an expat living in Hong Kong. When I arrived back in August, I purchased an Iphone 3GS. Since it was purchased here in HK, my service is through a local provider with a HK number. Also, this phone is NOT locked to any carrier.

    I am spending two months in the US this summer and would like to get a plan through either Verizon or ATT (preferably Verizon) that will allow me to use my Iphone in the US and have a local US phone number.

    How does that work. Does anyone know if the prepaid calling plans that are offered will work on an iphone purchased overseas.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What kind of iPhone do you have? It's likely that it uses GSM which means it may be compatible with AT&T but will not work on Verizon's network.

    I don't know of any iPhone 3GS which is compatible with Verizon so you may be limited to AT&T only. Verizon iPhones are version 4. (CDMA)

    As for a temporary data plan from AT&T, you can ask but I doubt it. Currently an iPhone plan from AT&T is for 2 years. You can call their customer service and ask or just stop in at an AT&T store when you arrive in the US.

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    You'll want go to any GSM cell provider and start a pay-as-you-go plan that will get you the SIM card and phone number. You should be able to plug that SIM card into the iPhone and use it JUST as a phone with no data or extra functionality..

    Other than that, I don't believe there are any real options for a short term iPhone plan as it were..


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