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    Help, need iphone info quick
    My phone just broke and I'm thinking of an iphone.
    It's either the iphone 4 or 3gs. I've heard the 4 has some problems that aren't sorted out yet so the 3 would be better. Best buy didn't have an iphone 3 in stock so I left with nothing...

    Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything to worry about with the iphone 4, and is it worth the extra money? Looking at the iphone 4 it's so nice but I didn't get a chance to see the iphone 3 in person.

    I plan to get a screen protector for it pretty quick, and possibly some insurance.


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    whomever told you that the iphone 4 has issues, must still be under a t-mobile contract and jealous that they can't have one. I've had my phone since the day it was released, and have had 0 problems.... I know what your thinking... what about antennagate? It's BS, some phones had issues, some didn't... these "tests" people run to show the signal dropping do not hold consistent weight. Most everyone will buy an otterbox or some sort of case, so thats not really an issue anyway. If you have any questions about iphone specifics please feel free to ask me.

    Next, I've had both. the iphone 3 is sooooooooooo sllloooooooooow. OMG, spend the extra money, because if you don't you'll be wasting a data plan due to the slow speeds. no insurance is available that is worth anything, and just buy an otterbox case, which has a built in screen protector.
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    Thanks for the info. I can get the iphone3gs for free and the iphone4 for $160. I'll look into the otterbox, I think there's a few different models of it.


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