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Thread: iphone solutions?

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    iphone solutions?
    hello, i'm thinking of switching back to blackberry due to some rather minor and silly complaints but enough from me from keeping this phone

    when i had my blackberry i had virtually full control of everything on it

    a few minor things on this phone that's annoying me cause i can't seem to find a solution to them

    recent call log - i can't remove individual call logs - rather simple tool on my old blackberry that's not on this phone - read on other forums apple users own version of saudi moral police lol - if you're gonna be quick to troll and judge me for wanting to edit my recent list please buzz off - looking for solution

    long story short - had a few craiglist callers looking to buy stuff - got a prank call from a relative in middle of night and was going to delete that off my call log and ended up deleting off all my recent calls including craiglist callers - i can get my list from at&t but why the **** to go that route to begin with??!? so mad that i wasted hours trying to find a solution to this issue that's so petty to most but really convient for me

    the only solution i came across that seems viable is that i need a windows base computer and use itune backup manager - however i switched away from windows due to too many virus issues - i will not jailbreak my iphone4

    other issues are similar - petty to most but to me kills the feel of a personalized phone - i use to be able to pick my mp3s as ringtones and personalize people calling with individual mp3's - i can't edit my ringtone library to include mp3s - samething goes with alarms to wake up - on my blackberry i loved waking up to whatever song i felt like waking up to - now i got these retarded tunes from whoever designed it - really ****** me off that i can't figure out how to fix this cause i like being able to have direct access to files

    another thing is that i forwarded an email to an old contact - i have since removed that contact but when i type S that contact's email is first to come up when you type email - very petty thing but my old blackberry would only list emails i had on my phone/gmail - that contact isn't on either and it still pops up - really pissing me off

    overall i think the phone is "cool" but def not for me - if anyone here has a solution to any of the issues i ranted about, please respond - all other comments from people trying to defend why apple does whatever is not welcome on this thread - you can troll someone else

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    iphone4 app solutions?
    are there any apps to help with some issues i'm having with my iphone - use to have a blackberry but considering switching back to it cause i dont like not having control of the following

    also - please no 1 defend why apple does whatever - only want solution no trolls please

    -ability to edit recent call logs by deleting 1 at a time rather then all of them

    -ability to use mp3's as ringtones and alarms

    -ability to use only iphone email contacts and gmail contacts when entering in an email rather then all recent emails - for example i have removed someone from my contact lists (both off phone and gmail) and when i type S the email still pops up on my iphone - i want to remove it off my phone or have an app that only lets my gmail and iphone email contacts come up

    please post solutions - all defenders of why apple does why are not welcome

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    some of my issues probably could be fixed with an application i do not know about - it was reason i posted there

    what i honestly prefer is a program on mac that i connect my phone and i can basically browse my files the same way like it was with my old blackberry and manage it properly - can't manage things properly with itunes - it's extremely limiting

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