I plug my phone in usually when it's at 80%-90% by the end of the day (I am a very light user). However, when it is fully charged (reads 100%), it automatically goes to 99% the instant I take the plug out. Sometimes it even goes to 98%. I haven't touched a thing, just unplugged it and looked at it and boom, 100 ===> 98%. I have all push notifications off, ping off, locations off, brightness at 33%, and only wifi on, no games on my even on my iPhone, almost no music. Only like 10% of the memory is even being used.. I shut all apps off when finished using them (double click home button and minus out the active apps). How can I lose 2% when I unplug??

I also lose on average 5% for every 15 minutes I talk on the phone. Again, no bluetooth on, I don't send or receive texts, so it is just me, straight talking into the phone and I lose 5% in 15min. Are any of these things normal??? it seems a little ridiculous! I will be going to the Apple store this weekend... what should I say or how should I explain everything? I'd like to get a replacement that doesn't eat through batteries like this.

I also have a clicking sound when talking on the phone. It was worse in my first phone, but verizon switched that, but it has started after a couple weeks of silence on the new phone. Faint clicking in the background whenever on the phone.

will Apple do anything about these issues? Or will they just shrug them off? I've gotta make a trek to the nearest Apple store and would like to get everything figured out at one time.

Thanks for any help or experiences you can share!