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    I think I've killed my iphone...
    Forgot my iphone was in my pocket when I washed the car. Didn't notice until I took it off charge and noticed droplets in the camera lens. Phone worked for a while but with a very dim display, then stopped working. Have tried putting it in rice for several days and have completely dissembled and reassembled it. Is there anything else I can do? Completely dead when plugged into iMac and charger (iMac doesn't even pick it up).

    Also, if I was to get a new iphone, could I restore the apps from the late departed one from my iTunes backup?

    All suggestions welcome!

    Thanks (feel such an idiot...)

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    You must have done a super wash job on your car in order to get the phone wet while it was in your pocket. Take it apart again and let it dry out for a while longer now that the weather is warmer. That might give it a second life. Unless you had all your contacts, music, etc. backed up, the chances of getting anything off the phone if it remains dead is not good.

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