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Thread: why does my iphone keep going onto 3G btopen zone when i have a 40meg broadband

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    why does my iphone keep going onto 3G btopen zone when i have a 40meg broadband
    Why does my iphone 4 keep going onto 3g btopen zone when i have a 40 meg broadband wirless network at home? I have to manually select my network in setting/ wifi networks on my iphone why?

    Can i make my home network my preferred network somehow?

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    on the iphone, once you have selected a network, your phone should remember it for future reference, automatically connecting. unless your broadband changes addresses, there should be no reason for your phone to ask over and over again.
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    The same thing happens with my iPhone. Your Homehub broadcasts two different IDs - "BTOpenzone" (or "BTFON") and "BT Hub3 xxxx" and your phone will connect to the last ID you connected to (if you used Openzone while you were out and about). Just go into Settings > Wi-Fi and then choose your homehub.

    It's normal, most BT Infinity customers use Openzone as well as their home broadband - your iPhone is purely interested in the last available network.

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