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    Erase all content on iphone while jailbroken
    Hey guys, I have an iphone 4 and had cydia installed, well i just selected erase all content on phone and let it do its thing, but it seems to just keep coming up to the apple,skull logo with the loading icon forever. is there any fix to this? please help!

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    You may have to put your phone in DFU mode or do a complete restore. I can't give you the steps to do this, but there are multiple videos on youtube showing you how to do it.

    While this is my favorite apple products forum, there's not a wealth of knowledge here in regards to jailbroken troubleshooting. Go to General and you should be able to find help.. That forum is dedicated to jailbreaking your phone.

    Be sure to specify that you used greenpo1son to jailbreak and mention your device firmware.

    I hope you backed up your SHSH blobs because I have a feeling you'll have to restore your phone and rejailbreak.

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    jailbreak troubleshooting is right up my alley, have you fixed the problem yet?
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