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    iPhone 5 Release Uncertain
    From what I had been reading it sounded pretty certain that the iPhone 5 would be released on June 6, but today I read this article: AppleInsider | Apple not yet aligning iPhone 5 part suppliers, handset may miss fiscal 2011

    I was looking forward to it being released not just because it's a new iPhone but because I'll be heading back to the US in the summer and will be buying a new phone and definitely want to get an iPhone as I don't have one now. I don't want to get an iPhone 4 if the 5th comes out a few months later, but maybe there won't be a huge change anyways. What are your all guesses as to when it will be released?

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    It will be released when it's released.

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    I think I've heard this whole "no iPhone 5 this summer" thing before. Can't recall where though....

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    So many rumors regarding the 5th generation iPhone.
    In line at the apple store yesterday an employee told me he thinks another reason apple may hold back till sept is so they don't **** off the Verizon customers that just bought the 4...but who knows.

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    I just hope they go back to the old form factor, I just didn't like the FEEL of the Iphone 4 so I just bought a newer 3GS for $49.


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    Well, you obviously have a GSM based phone at the moment, so you can take advantage of that until the iP5 arrives. Just get yourself one of the many pre paid deals out there. That's what I did before I figured out which carrier/phone I wanted when I got back to the U.S. I was using my Jailbroken iPhone 3 (non S) with T-Mobile at first, but they were terrible, and then my iPhone's wifi crapped out permanently, as did its speakers... So then I bought myself one of the Boost Mobile phones, with unlimited talk, text and internet for about $40 a month.

    They piggyback off of Sprint's network, and the coverage for me all around the NY area was fantastic. It actually prompted me to go with Sprint, which I'm loving.. but that's beside the point. I really think that you'd be well served doing what I'm suggesting until the new iPhone comes out. Unless of course your vanity demands that you have an iPhone NOW NOW NOW, no matter what.


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