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    I Need Opinions Please
    Do I go with the iPhone 4 VZW now or wait until the iPhone 5 is released in July? I'm afraid of losing the unlimited data plan if I don't pick up an iPhone soon since VZW already said they are getting rid of the unlimited data plans.

    Could there really be that many noticeable changes between the iPhone 4 and 5?

    I'm soooooo confused on what to do!
    Any opinions and/or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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    What makes you think the iPhone 5 will be available in July ?

    Only Apple will know when it will be released and what the differences with the iPhone 4 will be.

    Do you require functionality that is currently not provided by the iPhone 4 ?

    We can talk about it a lot, but it will be your decision in the end.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    i say wait until the phone is released. if it even gets released.
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    Have you ever had a smart phone before? If so, what is your typical data use? It could be that you won't use whatever Verizon's data cap will be. Supposedly something like 85% of iPhone users never go over 2 GB of data.

    If you don't see yourself doing the following then I would wait because you probably won't go over their cap anyway:

    1. Streaming lots of movies.

    2. Stream music almost constantly (I download 3 hours of Dave Ramsey every day while in my car to listen to on my way to and from work and I only use about 700 MB - 1 GB a month).

    3. jailbreak your phone and use a 3rd party app like MyWi to turn your phone into a tethering device without Verizon knowing.

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