Just curious if folks here have explored any after market options for power adapters. I have a 17" MacBookPro and tend to just carry it in an InCase sleeve, but the default power adapter is a total pain. I tend to work out of coffee shops and so I need the extra length as I can't be sure where the outlet will be. I've taken to just making sure I have a full charge so I can avoid it all together but there are times where I'm stuck needing it.

What I'm thinking of (and this is not to spark a flame war, just an example) is the old Dell D610 adapters. The brick was the spool for the cable and it had a rubber strap built in to hold it all snug. Has anyone run across anything like this? Maybe even just a replacement for the 3 prong cable that's not so springy (never been able to figure out why the short adapter option is 2 prong and the long 3 prong... is that so I can use the Mac around puddles? )

I did a fair amount of Googling and have not found much. Ideas?