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    Help, my iPhone won't sync :(
    I hope this is the right area for this question. So I have a new iMac, and a new iPhone 4, which had data from my old laptop (non Mac) on it, but it won't sync on the new Mac and it's frustrating the **** out of me, as I have purchased items on the Mac I can't get on my phone!!

    Does anyone know why this is happening? My software is all up to date, and when I press sync, it still won't do it. I transferred all my laptop data with a USB flash drive, and it won't do anything. I even removed music from the Mac and pressed sync, and still nothing.

    Please help

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Does no one have any suggestions?

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    I'm not certain, but it may be that because the phone still has a sync connection to your old computer. I've never had to do this myself so my advice could be way off. You may have to de-authorise the phone on your old computer before you can sync with your new computer. Perhaps try attaching to your phone to your new computer via USB and (if it's recognised and appears in the iTunes side-bar) click on the Restore option -note: that WILL erase everything currently on your phone and reinstall from the new computers' data.

    Failing that, if you're patient I'm sure someone that knows what to do will be along here shortly -or you could contact Apple Support and seek their advice.
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    it may be that the cable your using to sync is no good make sure it is a genuine apple one and that it has no tears in it if not try some one else's on another computer if not go to apple

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    I figured you did, but it is a common oversight so I thought I would ask. Unless someone else jumps in with an idea, I would delete itunes and download again. Reboot computer and try another sync.
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