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Thread: Verizon iPhone 4: No Internet Access although shows 3G

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    Verizon iPhone 4: No Internet Access although shows 3G
    picked up the V-iP on Feb. 3rd. All went well with setups, synching, transfers, etc. I have been very satisfied with the phone until this week. For some reason, the internet or email could not be accessed. Each function that required web access froze up with the spinning status symbol showing and the battery drained rapidly in standby throughout the day (even though all apps were closed), more so than it ever had since owning it.

    This has happen to me the last 4 days, When I power down the phone and
    and power back up, all web access (and accumulated emails) returns

    At this point I am beginning to become concerned. Is this a lemon that I have or has anyone else experienced this? I think that it is unreasonable to constantly have to 'reboot' the phone for dropped internet access.

    I have updated my roaming privileges (via *228).

    Anyone have any suggestions besides bringing it to apple?

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    Have you tried resetting the phone and reinstalling everything via iTunes?
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    That is first on the list, but I am just looking for any other solutions first.

    My phone is linked to my work exchange server, so my IT department will have to set it up again (they dont allow us to do it) and I am going away tomorrow for 8 days.

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    The temporary solution is to toggle Airplane Mode on/off for 2 seconds, but I have to do this once a day.

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    I have the same problem!!! I have had to do the airplane mode trick each time I try to use 3G. If I am on a wi-fi network, the internet works fine, but once I'm away from my house I have to toggle Airplane mode to get the 3G to kick in. Please post if you find any solution!!

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