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Thread: Another iPhone question - no longer playing set song when called/texted?

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    Another iPhone question - no longer playing set song when called/texted?
    I really should have joined this forum long ago, being my technology challenged self : P

    My iPhone 4 has stopped playing a song when I receive a phone call. It used to play the song, and the settings are still set for it to play the song, but now it only vibrates (setting is also set for it to vibrate when called) Same goes for text messages. If I plug headphones in and receive a phone call or text message, the song it is set to play when called/texted plays through the headphones, but never through the phone speakers, regardless of whether headphones are plugged in or not.

    Otherwise, the sound still works just fine. I have an alarm set to play a song and vibrate, both of which it does without a problem.

    Any suggestions? A friend suggested I get a pen and wiggle it around inside the headphone hole as there may be a little bit of dirt or something of the kind stuck in there tricking the iPhone into thinking headphones are always plugged in and therefore, not playing the song through the phone speakers, so I did this, but to no avail. I don't think that could be the case anyway as the sound, apart from text messages and phone calls, is still working just fine. I'm hoping I can get this resolved on here as I'd really rather not have to take it to an Apple store, as there aren't any even remotely near me!

    Also, the song is the same song it played when it was previously playing a song when called/texted without a problem. The song is also the song used for the alarm which still works, so it's not the song itself causing the problem.

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    i wish I could help. have you ever rebooted since the issue started? or is the silent switch switched to silent?
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    Figured it out... the mute button on the side of the phone was switched off. I didn't even realise there was a sound button on the side of the phone until I accidentally pressed it... bit embarrassing!! I never considered the sound might be turned off because it wasn't really... sound still worked for the iPod and alarm, which is a bit strange. But oh well, I'm just happy to have it all working again!

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