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Thread: Iphone ''no service'' help?

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    Iphone ''no service'' help?
    Hi guys,

    Newbie from the UK here, have an iphone 4 on Vodafone, and am having problems with the ''no service'' message.

    You have probably had topics on this before?

    And before you say search for the answer i already have

    My phone is jailbroken and unlocked, and has been since August with no problems until now

    Was using my phone at work last night, was browsing 'cydia' installed a few modz etc, then i left it for 30 mins, went back on to have another look and now cant get any signal!!

    I have tried:

    -switching the air plane mode on and off
    -holding power and home button till it reboots
    -tried turning off, left it for an hour and turned in back on
    -reset network settings

    And i stil have ''no service''!!!!!!!!

    Any help would be appreciated

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    "installed a few modz etc"

    That would seem to be where the problem started, so that's where I'd look first.

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