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    iPhone - AppleCare Protection Plan - Can get it for my VZW iPhone 4?

    I am wondering if I can purchase iPhone - AppleCare Protection Plan for my Verizon iPhone 4. Not sure if it is for AT&T only.


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    Apple Care can be purchased for your iPhone direct from Apple or through Verizon when you buy the phone. It works the same way for both AT&T and Verizon and the cost is the same.

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    Before you buy it, make sure you understand what it is relative to competing products...

    AppleCare is not insurance. It will not cover you in the event the phone drops, gets wet or is lost. It simply covers you for manufacturer's defects for a period of one year beyond the factory warranty. Quite frankly, any manufacturer defects are going to be evident within that first year. There are no moving parts in the machine, everything is solid state. The chances of you actually using this are slim to none....

    Verizon offers an insurance program for $10.99/mo. that covers you against loss, theft, or accidental damage (excluding full liquid immersion).

    Squaretrade offers and insurance program that covers manufacturer's defects and accidental damage (including full liquid immersion) for $99.

    And there's quite a few others out there. Be sure to Google iPhone warranties before you commit.
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    Oh, I had Applecare Protection Plan for my AT&T iPhone 3GS. I switched back to Verizon to get out of AT&T's crappy service. Waited til the Verizon iPhone becomes available.

    Wasnt sure if it is for AT&T only. So Im glad I can get it anyway.

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    I've never had anything but great service from my AT&T iPhone and I've had three iterations of the product, but I also live in a decent sized metro area with good cell coverage no matter what network you're on. I wouldn't think you would need the Protection Plan for an iPhone. I'd go with a 3rd party insurance plan. As stated above, it's all solid state with no moving parts. I'd save Apple Care for the really big expensive products.

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    Personally I stay away from 99% of all care plans, because they generally only protect against defects in the products and not accidental damage. Apple makes very reliable products, and if there is a defect it will show up before the manufacturer's warranty expires.

    I'd just stick that $10/month under your mattress and before long you'll have enough money to pay for any damages out of pocket.

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