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Thread: Iphone Battery Draining really fast

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Iphone Battery Draining really fast
    Hi there,

    Is anyone else having issues with their Iphone 4 Battery life? I've had the phone since it came out, and it just recently started getting really bad. This morning at 830AM, I left my house with 100% battery. Its 11AM now and my battery is at 50%. Any thoughts on what I can do to try to fix this? It's really frustrating!

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    Try resetting the phone.

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    did you always have push notifications on?

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    Aye - did you turn on something like push? Did you add a new email account? Did you install a new program?

    If not try a backup - then restore the phone. Don't load the old stuff - i.e. setup as a new iphone. If that fixes it then something you installed went south. If it doesn't you may want to go to the apple store. You can always restore, and setup from a backup again.

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    try to tun off some functions like 3G or push notifications that use the power all the time.

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    Turning down the brightness more than half way can compensate for anything that might be draining the battery.

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    Try Apple's advice at Apple - Batteries - iPhone - basically, turn off anything you are not using, especially network things like Locations, Push, Notifications, Wifi (it uses battery searching for local wifis a you move about), bluetooth, 3G. Turn down the brightness too. And while you are not going to be answering calls or texts, turn on (confusingly) Airplane mode as well.

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    I have found that double clicking the home button and closing apps you have in the multitask bar helps a lot. All of the other advice everyone else is posting is also legit.

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    I think you have to accept that over time the battery is gradually going to decline, this is what happened to mine and my wife's.

    Also the more apps you add and the more you use it, this will also decay the battery.

    Juts turn the brightness down and don't mess around with things "for the sake of it" and it will last longer

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    My battery life kicks. I'm using my phone heavily and I can't drain my battery in a day. I'm ready to charge at the end of day two. If you have to shut off all the connectivity features go buy an iPod.

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