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    Recommend screen protector
    OK so I`m currently using SwitchEasy`s PureProtect(front&back) and it is good except the huge amount of fingerprints that stays on it, so I want something with similar build quality but smudge free, I know SE have this kind too, but I saw a video of it and it seems like it is matted and I don`t want that kind, just like the PureProtect but smudge free.

    Device - iPhone 4

    p.s. No ZaGG!

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    I had Ghost Armor installed on my iPhone 4 (front, back, sides) since day 1. Paid the extra $15 for the guys at the kiosk in the Mall to do it for me (about $40 total). Well worth it. They have anti-glare and glossy. I chose glossy cause I've seen the anti-glare and it has a bit of texture to it and I don't like the way that feels. I wanted something that would be "invisible" and un-noticable to the touch. I'm very happy with my purchase. It has been about 4 months now, everything is holding up great.
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    Well you kinda described what I want, I guess I may try this ghost armor(never heard of it btw) out, thanks a lot!

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    Try one of SGP Steinheil protectors. Look them up on Google, they have a protector for every need. I think they are superior to most anything on the market. No orange peel look.

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