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    Best protective face cover for the iPhone 4
    I have the eGrips on the back and sides of my iPhone 4 but feel I should have some protection for the face as well.

    I will appreciate recommendations (and testimonials) on various protective films for the iPhone 4. I like the Zagg product but I'm not very comfortable with the "wet" mounting process it uses. Is there a product with a "dry" (and simple) mounting process that won't make the display look cloudy? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Personally, I've yet to find a protective screen film that's as scratch resistant or less likely to smudge than no protector at all. The glass it a lot harder than the plastic films.

    IMO, you're better without one

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    Like you, I was worried about the wet mount process. I actually had my husband do it for me the first time because I was afraid the protector would get glued on in the wrong spot or that I would get fluid everywhere....But it's really very easy to do and you have ample time to place the film/retry/start over.

    I tried Zagg, which I liked (I removed it because I didn't let it dry long enough and corner peeled back and stuff got under...). Then I tried Stealth Guard when they had a great special on. I actually liked these better as they are smoother and less tacky to the touch. Stealth is dry mount but I used the leftover solution from the zagg kit to apply it.

    Only caveat with these films...some cases align with the edge of the film and cause it to peel a little (ie. my speck case)...and make sure you let them dry before putting you phone in your pocket etc!!

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    Heres a list of some pretty nice covers, they dont cover the screen so it should not create a cloudy effect. Five Best iPhone Cases and Covers
    Hope this helped!
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