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    Otterbox for iphone4
    Have an otterbox for my iphone4 and the rubber outer skin never really fit tight like it appears it could. always seemed like it was stretched out. I was messing with my cousin's awhile back and hes got one on his phone and it fit a lot tighter. anyone have any issues like this. if it matters its a black rubber outer skin cousin's was white.
    ive thought of getting a new one, or even seeing if att would warranty it and exchange it for a blue one or something or even a new black one.

    love the case but hate the fact that it always gets crap under the clear screen cover.

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    Which case from Otter box are you referring to? They have excellent customer service! Just send them an email and they will help you out.
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    Mine was like this as well, I called Otterbox and they sent me another outer skin gratis

    I swapped my old defender at an AT&T store when the screen protector came unglued with no hassle

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