Hi guys, I'm new to the community but have already seen how useful these forums are. My questions are:

1. My iPhone 3GS was recently stolen and had a number of important notes stored on it. Is it possible to access these from the mac that I backed up my phone on to? Im at sea with no way of getting a new phone for 3 weeks and I need to have these notes available for work.

2. Once I can get my phone back how do I sync notes and contacts from my phone to my computer? I do not have anything stored on my computer in notes or my address book and have always been scared that by syncing notes/contacts it will replace all notes etc on my phone with those on my mac of which I have none stored. In other words I'm scared that by syncing I'll clear everything from my phone and id simply like to have everything backed up in the future on my mac in notes and my address book.

Please help!