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    airplay and airprint
    I travel for a living, so my iphone checks in and out of my home system quite often. Just returned from a biz trip and my airplay isn't working from my Iphone 4 with IOS 4.2.1

    I'm using a Time Capsule and an airport express.

    Airplay was working last week...

    And when I say it isn't working, I mean I don't have the icon to the right of the 'next' button like I did last week. I've rebooted my Time Capsule as I had a flashing amber light (system seems to be fine aside from the light color, researched that to no avail...) and I've toggled my wifi on and off on my iphone. thoughts?

    I also attempted to use airprint for the first time this morning. I've got a wireless printer in my network that works well from my MacBook, but when I tried to print from my iphone, it simply didn't see any printers...thoughts?

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    Found switching phone off then on worked for me

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    hate when I forget to try such a simple thing...and I forget quite often as I rarely turn my iPhone off...thanks, that worked.

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