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smallpotato 01-22-2011 01:14 PM

iphone4 creates collisions in my home wifi network
Hi there,

it seems within a same wifi network, which created by airport, iphone 4 will create a lot of collisions with other devices.

I used to have laptops (thinkpad, MBP), mobile phones (WP7, iphone3gs, BB) all connect to the home wifi network, it worked pretty well until today I got a new iphone4, and none of my devices work any longer in network connection. After many rounds of try I can reproduce the issue in following way:

* leave only two devices (3gs, and iphone4) in the network
* then the wifi network works for 3gs if I turn off the wifi for iphone4, and vice verse

checking airport, the wifi network is configured with automation for wifi protocol and band selection, I tried to workaround the issue by some different manual combination, no success by far.

the issue can be reproduced and I believe it goes to iphone4, seems it competes with other devices in a same wifi network, do you have any hint for me?

p.s. all the devices can join the wifi network successfully with best signal strength, problem is, in case of "collision" happens the network just doesn't response.

thanks, Peng

schweb 01-22-2011 01:21 PM

Are you letting DHCP assign the IP addresses on your network or are you configuring manual IPs?

smallpotato 01-22-2011 11:11 PM

internet connection is via DSL, behind DSL modem the airport uses the DHCP to obtain an IP from modem, then create the wireless in bridging model, so airport itself will not provide DHCP service in the wifi network, instead, it "bridge" the modem internal network and wifi client obtain ID via DHCP service from modem.

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