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Thread: iphone charging issue, need help!!!

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    iphone charging issue, need help!!!
    A couple days ago, i was charging my iphone in the middle of the night... when i woke up in the morning, it didnt show the charging screen but i thought nothing of it because it was near full so i didnt care... i went back the next night to charge it and it wouldnt begin charging (on neither of my wall charges or when plugged into the computer). So i tried doing a restore from the settings menu but it just got stuck in the boot screen (the one with the apple symbol and the black background). Now im totally confused as to what i should so because apparently the way to fix the boot screen issue is to plug it into itunes, but it wont register! please help! thanks

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    I would start by trying to eliminate what you know isn't wrong. Since the cord didn't work in the computer or in the wall, try to get one of your friends cords that you know is working and see if you get a charge with theirs. If not then you know its a problem with the phone and then i would just suggest you make an appointment for an apple store near you so hey can diagnose it. It could possibly be a bad connector in the phones charging port or maybe just a piece of dust or something getting in the way of making the connection.

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