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    How to get image off my iphone

    I have an image that i transfered onto my iphone a few months ago. Recently i reinstalled in my macbook and now when i sync my iphone, itunes tells me that i have to erase my images,books,music etc if i want to sync another libary How can i get that one image off my iphone and onto my macbook ? I am able to get images i have taken on my iphone off through using image capture but not the one that was transfered. i have also tried to email the image to my own email address but its a 24mb TIFF and its too big. Any idea


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    With your phone connected to your MacBook, start iPhoto and see if you can transfer it into your iPhoto library.
    As an alternative, download Dropbox for free on your iPhone and get an account online and you should be able to transfer the file into your dropbox then you can get it on the computer

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    thanks for the advice :-)

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