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Thread: iTunes will not sync videos onto my iPod

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    iTunes will not sync videos onto my iPod
    I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I'd really like some help with this

    I just got my new iPod Touch for Christmas, and I decided to download some videos from YouTube and put them on my iPod Touch. I downloaded 3 of them, and the first one synced onto my iPod fine, but when I tried to do the same to the others, it said that they could not be viewable on my iPod, which confused me because the first video (the one that did manage to get on my iPod) was from the same website, downloaded in the same way, was the same video file and was pretty much the exact same as the other 2 videos (although maybe 3MB bigger, but I doubt that matters). I'd like some help with fixing this problem

    I have iTunes, and my iPod's software version is 4.1. The videos that weren't downloading are down below

    YouTube - Broken Bad

    YouTube - Obama talks to People!

    EDIT: Sorry, I meant to put this in the iPod section...whoops

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    The iPod touch has some very specific video requirements. I suggest you go to the Apple site and check out the iPod touch "Tech Specs" page to see what those requirements are. Odds are the videos you are downloading do not meet them.

    I won't even talk about the legality of downloading the videos themselves, except to say that talking about doing this may violate this forums rules.

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